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Network Switch


Network Switch:-

Networking Switch that’s connects network segments or network devices. Network Switches also called Switching Hub and Switching Bridge and Mac Bridge. The first Network Switch was introduced by Kalpana in 1990. Switch works on Data Link Layer (Layer 2) in OSI model. But some advanced switches work on Network Layer (layer 3).

That switches called multi-layer switches. Switches receives a data from any device connect to it and then transmits the data only to that device for which the data was. Switch receive data on own port in the form of frame and transmit this data.  Switch is intelligent device from Hub. The Switch has a separate collision domain for each port. Switches maintain a table that’s called forwarding table or Mac address table. Switch stored all computer mac address and connected ports in the table.  

Types of switches and switching:-

           1.   Store-and-Forward
           2.   Cut-through
           3.   Fragment free
           4.   Adaptive switching


The switches use buffer and store the data in buffer and start to checks error, when data with comes error, the data does not forwarding. Store-and-Forward switch working some slow because that’s switch checks errors and storing the data in buffer. The data send by these switches is very reliable.


This type switches reads only frames header address before forwarding. The switch not checks errors.

Fragment switch:-

The switch performs both attempts Store-and-Forward and Cut-Through. This switch checks fragments for first 64 bytes, because first 64 bytes show all errors.

Adaptive Switching:-

An adaptive switch is normally operated in Cut-Through mode but if a port's errors, the switch automatically reconfigure the port and run in Store and Forward mode.  This optimizes the switch's performance by providing higher speed Cut-Through switching if error rates are low but higher through put Store-and-Forward switching when error rates are high.

Working of networking switch:-

When we sending data from one computer to another computer. The switch checks destination computer Mac address and Port and send data directly.  The switch checks the errors in the data, when data comes with errors, switch does not forward the data. Switch provides High Speed data exchange and full-duplex communication and Low Latency. Switch provides point to point communication.

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